The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

The Good Earth-Pearl S Buck

It’s not often that we know how it was to live during another era. Through the words of Pearl S. Buck, we are able to truly understand how it was for Wang Lung.  Her storytelling makes it easy. She draws the reader in and tells the tale, beginning with Wang Lung’s wedding day.

With the passing of years, we find that the earth has been good to Wang Lung, who struggles with his origins in the land while seeking success upon it. He builds a family and eventually has enough wealth to obtain more land to become even more prosperous. While he seeks his success as a farmer, his sons wish to seek a future in a Modern China. This causes him dismay and he is stricken with grief at the prospect of his sons not wishing to maintain what he has built.

Many opportunities are offered to Wang Lung that would not have been offered to a poor, simple farmer. Although he accepts the distractions of this life, things have a way of coming back to the beginning and at the end Wang Lung returns to ‘The Good Earth’.

Through reading the story, you can also understand the writer. Mrs. Buck’s observation of people, nature and strong knowledge of the language are evident in her writing. “A good novelist,” she said, “or so I have been taught in China, should be natural, unaffected, and so flexible and variable as to be wholly at the command of the material that flows through him.” Her ability to tell a story in a simple manner proves that she was a great student of all she was taught.

I especially liked the beginning of this book. Mrs. Buck has a peaceful way of telling a story. I know that most stories must have some sort of conflict, strife or climax to make it interesting, such as this one. It is a very good story and I recommend reading it.

Sometimes I wonder if a story would be read if it were as the first part of this book. Would you read a book that was simple, calm and peaceful? Let me know what you think.


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